Next Generation Conversational AI Platform

Genetic Health Screening

Guidelines-based risk assessment for Hereditary Cancer Screening, Carrier Screening, and Prenatal. Based on NCCN, Tryer Cuzick, and AMCG guidelines


Automated pedigree generation. Ready before clinic appointment. Powerful for insurance pre-authorizations.

Digital Genetic Counseling
Automated genetic counseling for pre-test & post-test scenarios.

Patient Education​

Providing patients, the support they need, when they need it the most. GeneFAX™ has more than 2 million Q-A KnowledgeBase ready for use.

Health Insurance

Real-time personalized test cost estimates and collecting information required for pre-authorization.

Return of Results

Load any genetic test report and provide an automated conversational report explanation. And connect with genetic counselors in real time via chat, audio, and video calls.


Connect via live chat, phone call, or video with a genetic counselor.

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Support & Follow-up​

Provide information about your genetic tests. Follow-up with patients and families for family member testing.

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  • Increased Test Ordering
  • Personalized communications with patients
  • Pre-test counseling/ education
  • Expand client base
  • Efficient sales planning
  • Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting
  • Client management via PatientHUB
  • Analytics, Insights, Reporting, Content management
  • Notifications and Reminder


  • Clinical workup ready before visit
  • Pedigree
  • Patient risk assessment reports
  • Clinic Notes
  • Transcripts
  • Automated test requisition
  • Insurance verification
  • Patient Education
  • Increased clinic efficiency & productivity


  • Pre-test counseling
  • Conversational data intake
  • Guidelines based Screening/ Triaging
  • AI based test recommendation
  • Real-time test cost estimation
  • Ask any question to HealthGPT
  • Live chat with Health Experts
  • Multi-channel(Chatbots, Text Messaging, WhatsApp etc.)
  • Asynchronous chats

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